schwetty hot!TM

the ICE COLD towel that

absorbs the schwetty hot

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Get Coolahh™, the ice cold sports towel that goes in your cooler, providing instant relief from schwetty hot™

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Tumbler Gift Set

For the golfer, our “Ready for Schwetty” 30 oz dimpled tumbler with your choice of Coolahh™ color.

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4-Pack Cooler

Four Coolahh™ towel/pods in this handy sized themed cooler.

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Whether you are outside to play sports or to work, Coolahh™ provides instant relief
from schwetty hot™, no matter your reason for being in the heat.


We designed the Coolahh™ to fit perfectly in a yeti type tumbler. Our hack is to fill one with a 50-50 mix of ice and water. Add the Coolahh™ and the tumbler will act as your personal Coolahh™ cooler.


The Coolahh™ towel comes pre-scented with an +ahh smells so good blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

remove towel

We engineered the Coolahh™ pod and towel to absorb just the right amount of ice water. We also made the pod the right size to make it easy to remove the towel, as well as reinsert the towel after use

A Better

Whether you’re between the front and back, or switching sides on a court, take the time to get back to center. Cool down, absorb the sweat and enjoy the invigorating scent.

40 degrees cooler

Than a cooling towel because it
goes into your cooler, snuggled up to your beverages

Cool off fast

It feels crisp and cool as it conducts heat away from your skin.

Cool off fast

It feels crisp and cool as it conducts heat away from your skin.

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CoolahhTM Get Ready for Schwetty HOTtm

In a pinch or at a ballgame? Simply run the Coolahhtm under cold water,
squeeze, remove the towel and enjoy

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